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Seaport-e (SAPTA's Quality Assurance Program)

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  • Provide quality products and services by striving to exceed the needs and expectations of our SeaPort-e customers
  • Develop a quality system based on ISO 9001:2000 standards and Navy/Marine (SeaPort-e) standards to foster continuous improvement and problem prevention instead of problem detection
  • Define and implement our quality system based upon employee involvement and commitment to excellence and adherence to standards
  • Give all employees the training and support needed to provide quality products and services to our SeaPort-e customers
  • Communicate our mission and quality objectives to all employees, and assign individual responsibilities and accountability
  • Utilize a "team approach" as a key strategy to foster continuous quality improvement through employee and team member involvement
  • Use statistical methods when appropriate to monitor quality performance and isolate major problems for immediate resolution for out SeaPort-e customers
  • Establish and maintain a working environment that supports the production and delivery of high quality products and services to SeaPort-e customers
  • Form relationships with both SeaPort-e customers and suppliers that will improve quality in all aspects of product usage and purchased parts
  • Develop and maintain a team approach that emphasizes enhancing the competitiveness of the company through increased quality and productivity in support of SeaPort-e
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages each employee to achieve his or her full potential and establish pride in workmanship.

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