Managed Technical Services

Effectively managing the risk, complexity, and cost of today’s leading infrastructure, business applications, and associated personnel requirements represent the most significant challenges facing companies today. SAPTA System can provide cost-effective solutions to these challenges.

SAPTA Systems offers you the flexibility to outsource your entire hosted solution with confidence and without turning over control of your entire IT environment. These services are designed to extend and augment your existing corporate IT capabilities in a discrete fashion that mitigates the need for additional permanent support personnel. Through the use of these services you can improve operational performance while reducing overall total cost of ownership. Our proactive monitoring and management solution lets you leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly skilled personnel thereby freeing you to focus on your core business.

Key benefits of our Managed Technical Services include:


Ø Predictable and controlled project costs
Ø Skills gap concerns within your IT organization are lessened
Ø The speed and ease of technology deployment is increased by utilizing staff that is not distracted by the typical on-site development environment
Ø Continuity for long-term projects by using SAPTA's permanent in-house staff allowing your internal IT staff to focus on key business strategies. 
Our aim is to dramatically reduce the management cost of your IT systems, while significantly increasing the reliability and effectiveness of your complex business systems.