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COBOL Developer

Job ID : SAOH#101

City : Dayton

State : Ohio

Country : United States

Applicant must be proficient in COBOL II and Job Control Language (JCL) specifically on the IBM Mainframe Computer, IBM Model z9, 2096 A01 R07, operating under the O/S Version 1.11 Operating System and IBM VS COBOL II Version 4.

Applicant must be able to identify and document the government business rules, as well as document the supporting logical and physical data models.

There are three major equipment system components that perform the majority of the functions or provide the majority of the data required for equipment requirements management.

The systems are the Air Force Equipment Management System (AFEMS)/C001, D039, and the Requirements Management System (RMS) Equipment Item Process (EIP)/D200C.

The CERC application is explicitly a feeder system which uses programmed logic to compute requirements and passes the computed requirement as mechanical language to D200C. D200C converts the requirements to a readable format and provides capability for on-line review and file maintenance. System functional managers log on to initiate system execution of four quarterly and two semi-annual jobs located in the Job Control Library (JCL) in order to create the files from aggregated data to disperse to D200C and AFEMS.

Once these files are sent to the other systems, those systems are responsible to provide the user interface security. The COBOL II application software executes on an IBM Mainframe Computer, IBM Model z9, 2096 A01 R07, operating under the O/S Version 1.11 Operating System. The IBM VS COBOL II Version 4 compiler is used. The D039 Application is approximately 70,000 Software Lines of Code (SLOC) in size. Applicant must be able to obtain a CACI or NACI clearance.

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